Regional Presence

The first web agency created in the Indian Ocean region

Founded in 1995, WEB Companies was the first web agency created in the Indian Ocean region. It has since then evolved into a regional web agency. With its headquarters based in Port-Louis, Mauritius, the web agency also has offices in Seychelles.

Grounded in years of real-world client success across multiple industries, WEB Companies has clients all over the Indian Ocean. Our expertise ranges from Web Design, Web Development, Payment Gateway Solutions, Mobile application to Content Creation, SEO and online marketing.

We are ambitious, fast growing and committed to providing the best digital services.



After a quarter century, WEB Companies has acquired strong online presence and finds itself in a position of authority where it can easily position each of its clients as leader in their respective markets in the web sphere. With approximately 500k backlinks to its website, it has the largest number of backlinks in Mauritius and the whole Indian Ocean Region.

Launched in December 2014, is the largest blog in the Indian Ocean region. With its motto “Holidays made easier”, the blog provides enlightening content on a wide range of topics through its travel tips and insider information for travel to Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion Island.

The blog has around 80k monthly unique users, 85.87% of which are organic traffic (that is, visitors from Search Engine Result Pages due to SEO).

To further confirm its authority, has received a backlink from the New York Times, attesting the high quality and relevance of content published on the blog.